The Secure, Accessible, Fast, Easy (S.A.F.E.)

way to store, retrieve, and manage your files

and compliances.

Bringing Sanity to Your Back Office.

Automated Credentialing Alerts

Keep up with unlimited Non-CAQH Credentials.


Send and track alerts for your staff professionals using SMS and Email reminders.

Contract Searchability & Comparison Tool

Fast side-by-side document searchability and comparison to easily make informed decisions.

Smart Document Storage

Find documents simply, quickly and easily - anytime, anywhere, on any device.


Our Digi-9 service allows for immediate access and downloading of stored I-9 forms in only a few clicks.


Automated Credential Alerts

Contract Searchability & Comparison Tool

Smart Document Storage

        DIGI-DOCS is S.A.F.E.!


                Secure – AWS safety and encryption


                Accessible – Anytime, anyplace, anywhere  


                Fast – Unmatched responsiveness


                Easy – Simplicity and no wasted clicks


Making it Easier to Manage Your Documents.

Easy way to deploy, track, automate, and manage Non-CAQH credentials, saving time and maintaining compliance

Fast, searchable engine with the ability to search multiple records side-by-side to quickly compare documents

Alleviates constant manual retrieval, reduces the need for physical storage

Provides secure unlimited storage capacity and, immediate access to documents


"Digi-Docs saves me time and allows me to focus on revenue management, which makes my practice more profitable. Saving time in my day is an absolute, and the Digi-Docs app does that."

Mel L.

Practice Manager

Shelly B.

Billing & Revenue Manager

"The application is so easy to use and understand.  I no longer spend too much time clicking to find the information I want."

Candice W.

Facility Administrator

"Using Digi-Docs makes tracking and monitoring non-CAQH compliances so easy - it saves time and fixes a problem for me.  Love the simplicity of using the app!"

Our Process

Set up

We will help you gather, scan, and convert your documents -

onsite or offsite


We will set up your alerts, upload your documents, and provide you with your

login credentials.


One of our staff members will visit you onsite or virtually to make sure you understand how to use the system.


We will have both email and live phone support to assist you.

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