WHY was DIGi-DOCs born?

While spending close to 2 decades working with healthcare providers to recover monies owed by insurance companies on disability claims, it became clear that practices were at a tremendous disadvantage when attempting to manage their claims.


When asked to provide reimbursement agreements, healthcare professional responses included: "What agreements?", "They’ve been lost", "The prior practice manager has them", "I have no idea where they are", and "I can’t get the insurance company to give me a copy".


Realizing this vital and critical information was not quickly nor easily located and the situation had become unmanageable, the idea of developing a safe and easy software solution began.  By investing three years of development working with a skilled designed team, asking numerous question to healthcare professionals such as "What do you need to make your job easier?" What frustrates you on a daily basis?", "What causes you pain in your job?", and securing constant feedback from professionals development of a software solution took shape.


By taking in all the feedback we received, information we collected, and combining them with our vision—Digi-Docs was born!


Digi-Docs was designed and developed for healthcare professionals with incredible input from healthcare professionals!

Our Team

Rick Yannitello


A proven professional who has developed unique business solutions that have reduced risks, improved operations, saved reserves and increased revenues for disability insurance providers and medical practices. 


Rick has led two organizations from start-up to businesses that exceeded over a million dollars in annual revenues in very short periods of time. Having pioneered the process for recovering written off uncollectible revenues on Virginia Workers' Compensation medical claims from in 2005 through 2018, Rick was able to identify a critical need for healthcare providers that led to the development of Digi-Docs, LLC.

In 2019, Rick founded Digi-Docs, LLC and developed a cloud-based automated business document management software solution that allows both medical and non-medical businesses to successfully organize, manage and access critical business documents in a Secure, Accessible, Fast and Easy format.  

Nathaniel Givens

Head of Development

As a skilled and experienced business analyst and data scientist, Nate provides solutions and insights to each and every project he is assigned. Working with a team of engineers, programmers, coders, and solution architects, Nate is the chief designer of the Digi-Docs, LLC application.

Nate is the holder of advanced degrees from both the University of Virginia - Master of
Engineering, and the University of Michigan - Master of Arts. Nate earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Mathematics and Computer Science from the University of Richmond.


Nate is also a Certified Analytics Professional and AWS Certified Solutions Architect.

Nhat Pham

Chief Marketing Officer

Creating strategies and systems to attract new customers is hard enough. Creating them to scale can be the difference between expansion and extinction. 


That’s where Nhat’s expertise comes in. A marketing strategist and business growth advisor, Nhat has worked with e-commerce and SaaS companies to develop a traffic and lead generation process to rapidly grow their customer base.


Nhat will grow Digi-Docs customer base and lead the expansion into nationwide markets.

Nhat brings over 20 years experience to the table, working with clients from start-ups to Fortune 100s to execute a customer growth formula that works. 

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