• Rick Yannitello

6 Ways Electronic Document Management System Can Increase Revenues

All businesses want to generate revenues while simultaneously limiting unnecessary cost or expenses. In order to meet these necessary objectives, businesses must determine if the document management solution they currently utilize or the solution they are considering meets their standard. Any valued document management system must improve efficiency, increase productive time and improve outcomes.

When taking other factors into consideration to increase revenues via a cloud-based solution:

1. A good solution allows for contract rebates to be tracked thus increasing revenues coming into a business on agreements that include rebates as part of an agreement

2. A valuable solution must be able to track and monitor contract negotiation dates that allow business the opportunity to increase reimbursement rates

3. A solution must be able to track and monitor contract/agreement terminations so businesses can end agreements that are not favorable to their interests.

4. All solutions must be able to monitor and manage contract/agreement start, ending dates, or rollover dates

5. A valuable solution can reduce the need of physical space and physical storage thus saving monies and increasing revenues staying within a business

6. A valuable solution reduces purchasing cost of paper, ink, office supplies and copiers

Solutions are varied based on business needs but these key points can make evaluating and choosing the best option a bit easy. At Digi-Docs we strive to meet these needs on a daily basis. For more information feel free to contact us at, call us at 804-839-2921 or visit our website at

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