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Automated Reminders for Renewals and Compliance are Efficient and Effective.

In any business establishment staying on top yearly renewals and mandated compliances is a never-ending battle. Generally, an office manager or a supervisor is put in charge of making sure all is in order. Unfortunately, this task is easily to forget, becomes extremely frustrating and time consuming.

Businesses have looked for automated ways to keep staff updated and informed but even these measures are not enough. The lack of tracking when notices were sent, who responded, and when a matter was successfully completed continue to be an issue.

Most automated systems use just one form of communication mostly through and email. Some businesses use an automate text. Rarely are these two forms combined and even more rare is the addition of a third form of communication.

When a business decides to take the step and move to an automated solution, they must make sure their solution sends multiple notices, makes sure the notice is easy to respond and easy to track.

Research has been able to determine that the overwhelmingly the best form of communication that prompts a response or action from a person is an automated text. The text needs to contain certain information such as what is the purpose of the reminder, what action needs to be taken or when is the action required.

Additional research has shown that text messages prompt a response in approximately 70% of the time by the receiver, approximately 20% of the time the recipient responds to an email notification and less than 5% of the time a recipient responds by accessing a device other than a cellphone.

Ninety seven percent of smartphone owners use their device to send and receive text every day. Texting is the most popular form to communicate for people 50 years old and younger, followed by email and other ways to communicate.

Utilizing an effective automated notification system removes the need to constantly chase people to remind them what needs to be done, removes the excuses I didn’t know, or I didn’t get the reminder.

By adding in the tracking ability to monitor and management notifications businesses can operate much more efficiently, be more productive and maintain compliance matters through an automated approach.

Digi-Docs’ automated solution includes as well as combines features to ensure no notification or renewal is missed and all parties are well informed. For more information please feel free to contact us at or visit our website

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