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Characteristics of an Effective Electronic Document Management System

An electronic document management system (EDMS) is a system that allows for uploading, storage, tracking, and retrieval of documents to include but not limited to contracts, business agreements, renewal certificates, compliance documents, legal agreements etc. Businesses small to large are converting their paper into a more secure cloud-based solution based on their specific needs. There are a number of characteristics that all systems must have in order to be viewed as a valuable solution.

1. Document Capture – from any source is defined as the ability to save documents so anyone can find them later.

2. Capture for Paper – high speed scanners are used to capture paper documents. The capture of paper must also allow for either numeric or naming of documents so they can be easily located.

3. Central Document Storage – There must be a central storage function to all systems. This function is absolutely essential in managing and retaining information.

4. Central Access – Is necessary in order for all parties to access documents and knowledge from anywhere any time on any device.

5. Document Security – Security is just as important as central access. Document security also include providing permissions to certain people for certain access to documents.

6. Document Retrieval – Retrieval must be simple, easy and fast. Document retrieval also includes the ability to keyword search a document with minimal strokes.

7. Document Distribution – A key component of a solution must include the ability to send documents quickly and easily when the situation arises.

A Document Management Solution Process should make life better by; creating more time to do work that matters on a daily basis, provide convenience for a mobile workforce, and provide peace of mind for the business and its users.

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