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DIGI-DOCS – “About Us”

The complexities of operating a successful business are staggering. Time management issues, professional requirements, insurance demands, licensing guidelines and daily practice demands can quickly affect patient care.

Digi-Doc, LLC was established in order to reduce these complexities and allow healthcare providers the opportunity to do what they are spent years of commitment developing – Outstanding Patient Care! Our mission is to provide efficient, secure, accessible and timely services that reduce distractions and lead to a more successful practice.

After reviewing of numerous other non-medical businesses, Digi-Docs, LLC realized there are an unlimited amount of professions and businesses who can benefit from our automated application and services.

Digi-Docs, LLC team of professional and strategic partners combined decades of experiences within the medical, legal, sales, Information technology and business management industries. We identified issues and complexities that negatively affect businesses and practices. We developed solutions that allow for business and practice success.

Our “Smarter Documents-Better Business” motto is the core of Digi-Docs, LLC foundation.

For additional information please visit or website at or email us at

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