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Essential Business - Prevention, Continuity and Recovery Platform (PCR)

Essential Business - Prevention, Continuity and Recovery Platform (PCR)

Problem 1: Disasters happen (floods, fires, earthquakes, burglaries, pandemics)

Problem 2: People lose things. Honest, hard-working, loyal employees – they just lose things because life gets hectic

Problem 3: There tends to be more work on a daily basis than we can typically handle. People get overwhelmed and miss deadlines, miss renewals, miss state filing requirements

Problem 4: Too many people touching too many documents

Solution: Digi-Docs

What: A flexible, secure, cloud-based software platform that stores all of your files, licenses, policies, credentials, etc.

· Easy to access

· Secure and encrypted

· Searchable

· No more touching of documents

Where: Cloud – on AWS (Amazon Web Services) utilizing Amazon servers

Who: We scan everything for you and take all the steps towards going “Live”

When: Available now – live since Q4 of 2019

Why: To keep all information accessible on any device

How: We can come to you or you can provide documents to us.

Case #1: Need to urgently find all of your insurance contracts Client "A" had been linked into poor reimbursement agreement for services because of written language in an old agreement that had been lost. The response of the client when told the reason why reimbursement was so poor " We didn't know why this was happening".

Case #2: Need to find key credentialing documents so you don’t miss expirations -Client "B" was using a spreadsheet to monitor and manage all of their licensing renewals for their surgical center. Unfortunately due to staffing, no one was keeping up with the renewals and licenses expired. This situation caused a great deal of stress, hardship and panic because cases had to be canceled and emergency steps had to be taken in order to return to compliance. The response from the client "we need to find a better way".

Case #3: Office is damaged by flood, hurricane or other act of god and the practice needs to find its key policy documents - Client "C" utilized on off-site storage facility to keep business records, important documents and client files. Due to the lack of a electronic document management system, hundreds of records were destroyed! The response from the client " This will never happen again".

You’ve spent 15 years focused on digital capture of patient records. Now’s the time to let Digi-Docs help you organize and secure the practice’s records: policies, contracts, credentials and employment agreements.

For more information please visit our website at or email use at info@Digi-Docs .com

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