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Why a Cloud-Based Document Management Solution is the Best Way to Manage Your Contracts.

Many professionals realize every day that they have an ongoing challenge when attempting to manage business contracts and agreements.

Not surprisingly many turn to using a spreadsheet to manage and control this vital information. Often these spreadsheets contain information such as a name of the person to contact, the type of contact, start and ending date etc.

Taking valuable time to input this information, professionals quickly realize the actual document is in a separate physical location. These documents are stored in file cabinets, scanned and stored on a drive on a computer, moved to an off-site location or lost.

When sorting out the spreadsheet issues, professionals still realize that deadlines are being missed, no one seems to be checking the spreadsheet to see what documents will expire or automatically renew, multiple copies of agreements are found but no one has an idea which agreement is the most recent.

In blunt terms this situation is a huge mess! Just about every professional has experienced or is experiencing this nightmare. Whether a business is a small or large organization this scenario plays out over and over again.

How is the scenario fixed?

By utilizing a cloud-based contract management solution developed by Digi-Docs, LLC. Our Secure, Accessible, Fast and Easy (S.A.F.E.) solution provides:

· A central location for all contracts, agreements, and documents

· Version control to access your most recent information

· Automated alert reminders to track renewal dates, renegotiation windows, terminations

· Secure Storage

· Access from anywhere on any device

Contact Us at to learn more or go to our website to schedule a demo. Our solution addresses this daily challenge and is much easier that using a pesky outdated spreadsheet.

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